MindPod – Aatish

Aged 39 and hailing from London, Aatish Pattni was a healthy and active American football player and coach for 18 years. However, in 2019, just as he was about to embark on the journey of fatherhood, he faced a significant medical setback. An infection resulted in open heart surgery and a subsequent stroke, rendering him […]

Intento PRO – Emma

Emma suffered a stroke in 2020 that left her with impairment on the left side of her body. But a programme of self-modulated functional electrical stimulation with our Intento PRO treatment device is helping her to regain upper limb movement.

See how our MindPod platform is being used successfully at the STEPS Clinic in the UK to treat patients with neurological impairment

See how our MindPod platform is being used successfully at the STEPS Clinic in the UK to treat patients with neurological impairment

MindMotion GO – Andrea

Discerning physiotherapist Andrea Williams explains why she uses MindMotion GO to treat her neuro rehab patients across the continuum of care, while also giving an insight into the role of our MindMotion Companion which allows her to monitor patients’ training progress remotely.

MindPod – Filipa

Physiotherapist Filipa Pona-Ferreira recently gave us an insight into the Clinical Trial at CNS Campus Neurológico in Portugal that is evaluating MindPod as an immersive digital therapy for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

MindMotion GO – Taher

Neurological physiotherapist, Taher, explains how MindMotion GO helped his stroke patient achieve a 50% improvement in range of motion and strength

MindMotion GO – Emily

After a life-changing car accident, Emily has achieved some incredible results using MindMotion watch her amazing story below.

MindMotion GO – Melissa

Melissa suffered a permanent impairment when she underwent treatment for cancer in her upper leg. But, with the help of our MindMotion GO platform, she has achieved inspirational mobility results.

MindMotion GO – Simon

An explosion while serving in the British Army left Simon with serious injuries. Now MindMotion™ is helping him to lead a fuller life.

MindMotion GO – Claire

Claire had a stroke when she was 31 years old and was 38 weeks pregnant at the time. She trains using the MindMotionGO at Birkdale Neurorehabilitation center 3 times a week, 1 time is supervised by a therapist and 2 sessions she is independent in the gym.

MindMotion GO – Andy

Five years after suffering a stroke, Andy explains how using MindMotion™ GO helped him step up his endurance and balance training to achieve his goal of running in the Marathon des Sables.

MindMotion GO – John

With the help of his wife, John has a MindMotion GO at home with an exercise program set up by his therapist. He aims to complete a 30-minute session every day. The activities are completed in sitting and standing. His performance and progress is monitored through the MindMotion™ Companion.