Transforming neuro-restoration across the continuum of care, MindMaze Healthcare uses cutting edge neuroscience to maximise the recovery potential of patients with debilitating neurological diseases, and mitigate the impact of ageing on cognition and movement.

Deployed in leading centres around the world, our commercially available digital therapeutics for Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia are having a profound impact on the lives of patients and caregivers alike. Our portfolio has candidate digital therapeutic products for nine major neurological diseases at various stages of development and deployment.

Neurorehabilitation and restoration are reliant on experience-dependent plasticity, which can only be harnessed by high-intensity, high-dose behavioral experiences that go beyond traditional rehabilitation. Our movement based digital solutions see patients physically interact with engaging gamified content designed to holistically train and assess motor and cognitive function objectively.

Some of our FDA / CE cleared digital therapies are enablers to the current standard of care and others are evidence-based interventions with a novel approach to brain repair. Our custom built AI engine drives the proprietary hardware for bio-sensing, motion capture, haptics and electrical stimulation to create THE universal platform for brain health.


Based on the latest findings in translational neuroscience, our innovative products are transforming how neurological injuries and diseases are treated.