Founded in 2012, MindMaze is a global leader in brain technology with a mission to accelerate humanity’s ability to recover, learn and adapt. With over a decade of work at the intersection of neuroscience, biosensing, engineering, mixed reality and artificial intelligence, we have enhanced the recovery potential of patients with neurological diseases.

Combining our FDA cleared and CE marked digital therapeutics with best-in-class motion analytics, AI and cloud technologies, our goal is to create the universal platform for brain health.

Expanding our impact beyond healthcare, MindMaze Labs is our enterprising R&D division tasked with bringing our ground-breaking neuroscience to everyday life. By harnessing the power of the brain, our neurotechnology will empower the next generation of human-machine interfaces.

In less than ten years, we have transformed care for debilitating neurological diseases. Our plans for the next ten years are just as ambitious.

Seminal work behind the company launched in the prestigious journal, Science

An influential research piece by our CEO, Tej Tadi, exploring how VR helps modulate our sense of self perception - ‘Video Ergo Sum: Manipulating Bodily Self-Consciousness’ - was published in Science. This was the foundation of what MindMaze will become.

Pfizer Foundation award

Tej Tadi wins the The Pfizer Foundation award for Fundamental Research in Neuroscience and Diseases of the Central Nervous System.

First product development grant

Tej Tadi was awarded the Gebert Rüf Stiftung grant from a Swiss Foundation to develop the MindPlay PRO, a precursor of our first product MindMotion™ PRO.

MindMaze is launched

Building on the development of a VR-based neuro-restoration prototype at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, MindMaze is founded by Tej Tadi with a team of five.

Our pioneering neurorehab product launched and a €1M grant secured

The first MindMotion™ PRO, our unique VR-based neurorehabilitation system, is sold. A €1M grant was secured for the R&D of ELVIRA, a mixed reality headset featuring AR, VR, hand tracking and neural sensors. We began a partnership with the renowned CHUV to test our hospital neurorehabilitation platform for stroke and filed our first patent application based on MindMotion™ PRO technology.

US operation established and seed funding raised

MindMaze Inc., our US operation based in Silicon Valley, opened to establish partnerships with Stanford and UCSF. We raised seed round funding to finance our significant expansion plans, and ongoing research and development cycle. MindMotion™ PRO entered pre-clinical testing at CHUV. Together with EPFL, we filed a patent application titled “Upper Limb Rehabilitation System”, which was exclusively licensed to MindMaze.

ELVIRA and MindMotion™ GO prototypes debuted

A prototype of ELVIRA made its debut at the Game Developers Conference and the first MindMotion™ GO prototype was launched at TedMed. MindMotion™ PRO also obtained a CE mark. While our CEO, Tej Tadi, was designated a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and we began to file international patent applications covering our technology and brands.

MindMaze as the first Swiss unicorn, FDA and CE certifications gained and new frontiers explored

We raised $100m in Series A1 funding and became the first Swiss unicorn. Sales offices were opened in the UK, Germany and Switzerland and we hired our first clinical advisory board. MindMotion™ GO, our mobile neurorehabilitation therapy system, was released and obtained a CE mark. We also filed a patent application covering our MindMotion™ GO technology.

Emotions added to VR, tactical stakes taken and further certifications

Our Mask technology brought real time emotions to VR via the measurement and translation of facial muscle electrical signals. MindMotion™ PRO gained FDA 510(k) clearance and MindMaze became ISO13485 certified. We also took a strategic stake in motion analysis specialists, Gait Up, closed Series A2 of funding and filed 38 patents covering various technology innovations.

Healthcare bolstered with key hires, acquisitions, product certifications, IP and a grant

Gait Up, MSquare Healthcare and Intento were all acquired, bringing new motion analysis, neurotherapy and AI capabilities. Esteemed neuroscientist, John Krakauer, M.D., joined as Chief Medical Advisor. MindMotion™ GO gained FDA 510(k) clearance, we won a €1.3 million grant for our StayFitLonger (healthy ageing) program and sold our first MindMotion ™ Pro to the NHS in the UK. Over 40 patent applications were also filed, with a particular focus on Gait Up technologies.

MindMaze Labs launched, new DTx acquisition, and US and China expansion

MindMaze Labs, our deep tech R&D hub, launched. We became McLaren Racing's Formula 1 technology partner and together developed MindDrive, a biosensing net to enhance safety and performance. Our core business expanded into the US and China. Genious Healthcare, a leading digital therapeutics firm, was acquired. Intento PRO gained its Notified Body EC certificate and MindPod Dolphin obtained a CE mark and became FDA registered.

Recognised pioneer in neurodigital therapeutics and teleneurorehabilitation

Our MindMotion™ GO teleneurorehabilitation platform is made available via leading US centres of excellence - Johns Hopkins and Mt. Sinai. We won a €1.2M grant to develop MindSports, which uses adaptive VR sports gaming in cognitive rehabilitation. Two additional patents were granted in the US, covering our Mask technology and ground-breaking pain management system.

Development of digital therapeutic solutions secured through funding

MindMaze completes its latest funding round, securing financing to accelerate the company’s global commercial growth plans, supercharge ongoing R&D, and consolidate its clinical development pipeline of digital therapeutic solutions for a wide spectrum of neurological diseases.

MindMaze strengthened through expansion of headquarters, senior leadership and partnerships

MindMaze supports its US expansion by opening new headquarters in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. It also makes five key appointments to its senior leadership team including Patricia Bradley who joins as Chief Commercial Officer.

The company secures two major partnerships in the USA with Mount Sinai Health System, one of the largest academic medical systems in the New York metro area, and Vibra Healthcare, a leader in post-acute hospital care.

Breakthrough in hand motor function impairment care

MindMaze adds to its portfolio of smart peripherals by unveiling Izar, a first-of-its-kind, FDA-listed and CE-marked hyper-sensitive controller for patients with impairment in hand motor function. Izar fills a critical gap in neurological care and provides effective hand dexterity and strength treatment in a wide range of neurological conditions.


We have two core divisions, Healthcare and Labs. While they work collaboratively to fulfil our vision, their focuses are slightly different.

MindMaze Healthcare

Through our FDA and CE cleared digital therapeutics, MindMaze Healthcare is creating the universal solution for neurorehabilitation.

MindMaze Labs

A R&D hub of advanced neuroscience, deep tech and innovative engineering, MindMaze Labs is on a mission to improve every aspect of life.