MindPod – Aatish

13th July 2023

Aged 39 and hailing from London, Aatish Pattni was a healthy and active American football player and coach for 18 years. However, in 2019, just as he was about to embark on the journey of fatherhood, he faced a significant medical setback. An infection resulted in open heart surgery and a subsequent stroke, rendering him wheelchair-bound with limited mobility on his left side. Despite receiving rehabilitation from both the NHS and private sources, Aatish’s left arm and hand remained significantly impaired.

Aatish participated in a treatment program utilizing the MindPod, completing 15 sessions over the course of approximately three weeks, covering an impressive distance of over 5 kilometers in arm movements. He found the program to be enjoyable, challenging, and immensely beneficial, reporting increased confidence, an expanded range of movement, and faster mental reaction time.

Although he improved shoulder mobility and the ability to scratch his chin, he successfully accomplished the primary objective of holding paper while writing with his right hand. Moreover, he regained the ability to place his arm on a sofa armrest and embrace his daughter with both arms.