MindMaze Powers Landmark Multidisciplinary Consortium to Develop State-of-the-Art Neuro-therapeutic Program Following Receipt of Prestigious CHF 5.9 Million Grant

15th February 2022

SwissNeuroRehab, led by Lausanne University Hospital, to focus on developing a new model of neurorehabilitation treatment across continuum of care from hospital to home

MindMaze, a global leader in digital therapeutics for neurological recovery and care, is proud to announce that SwissNeuroRehab, an unprecedented collaboration in Swiss neurorehabilitation industry, has won the Innosuisse Flagship award. The SwissNeuroRehab group will leverage the over CHF11.2 million (USD12.2 million) award to build state-of-the-art, evidence-based, effective and efficient therapeutic programs integrating digital therapeutics and neurotechnology along the continuum of care. SwissNeuroRehab is the latest in MindMaze’s ongoing efforts to participate in an integral way and support large projects in the brain technology field. To date, the company has participated in research and innovation projects budgeted at a total of over 90 million USD that span cross-industry to solve some of the most complex problems in neurology.

“With SwissNeuroRehab, we will set out to test novel digital therapeutic interventions for the treatment of neurological disease and neurological injury,” said Dr. John Krakauer, MindMaze’s Chief Medical and Scientific Advisor. “The model will offer a long-term solution for acquired neurological injuries in the Swiss health system first, but its innovative ambition can develop solutions that can apply universally. We look forward to piloting a model that will then generalize globally,” said Andrea Serino, project coordinator of SwissNeuroRehab at the University Hospital of Lausanne.

The Innosuisse Flagship award is aimed at stimulating innovative transdisciplinary collaboration to solve challenges for the Swiss economy and society as a whole. The SwissNeuroRehab project is supported with the equivalent of over CHF11.2 million (USD12.2 million) over five years, 5.9 million provided by Innosuisse and the rest by the partners. The project will develop and validate an effective and efficient model of neurorehabilitation along the continuum of care focusing on stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and spinal cord injury (SCI) – conditions which affect 15,000, 5,000, and 150 people, respectively, every year in Switzerland alone, and millions of people collectively each year worldwide.

SwissNeuroRehab will have a patient-centered model that will specify the clinical, operational and economic requirements needed to treat physical and cognitive deficits after a patient experiences a stroke, TBI, or SCI. The project will aim to develop paradigm-shifting therapeutic programs that integrate digital therapeutics and neurotechnology, validating and implementing them into clinical routine through interdisciplinary cooperation between researchers, clinicians and other industry leaders. In addition, economic analysis will propose a reimbursement system for the new model, and novel educational curricula will be created for healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers to implement in their respective disciplines.

Along with MindMaze as a key project partner for neuro-therapeutics, SwissNeuroRehab combines the expertise of four university hospitals (Bern, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich); key rehabilitation clinics (the SUVA Bellikon, the SUVA Clinic romande de réadapation Sion, Lavigny Hospital, Valens Clinics, and RehaKlinik Zihlschlacht); association of clinical institutions (Plateforme-reha); inpatients (Cereneo center for Neurology and Rehabilitation, in collaboration with Zurich University Hospital) and outpatient (Swiss Rehabilitation, Physio Clinics, and EMS Le Marronier) clinical providers; the two federal technical schools EPFL and ETHZ; the Universities of Lausanne, Geneva and Bern, the University of Applied Science of Western Switzerland (HES-SO) and the School of Engineering and Management of the Canton Vaud (HEIG-VD); Swiss companies active in neurorehabilitation (Hocoma, Lambda, MyoSwiss, ONWARD Medical); industrial partners working on digital solutions for data management and protection (CARA and Pryv); and educational providers for healthcare professionals (Espace Compétences) and patients (Medicol).