Rahul Asarpota

Customer Support

Q: How is your role supporting the MindMaze mission to improve patient outcomes?
A: “As a member of the Customer Support team, my role is quite important in improving patient outcomes because I make sure the MindMotion GO devices in the clinical field are functioning without any issues during the rehabilitation process.”

Q: Describe a typical day in your role?
A: “A typical day starts with me going through my schedule and making sure any meetings or calls I have for the day are at the forefront of my mind and thinking. I pride myself on being well prepared for those calls so that I can give people the best service possible.”

Q: MindMaze is unique because…?
A: “MindMaze is unique because the company is on a mission to help patients during their rehabilitation from stroke, Parkinson’s Disease and other brain injuries by improving their physical mobility and cognitive function. It is a fantastic cause and integrating technology to change people’s lives for the better is unique and fascinating for me.”

Q: What’s your slogan for life?
A: “The slogan for my life is to get up every morning and feel happy about everything I do across both my professional and personal Life. That’s very important for me.”

Q: Describe yourself in three words?
A: “I would say I’m reliable, knowledgeable and passionate.”

Q: What’s your dream holiday destination and why?
A: “I’m a beach lover so destinations that provide access to that will always be my dream holiday. I like to unwind in the tranquillity and enjoy the beautiful moments I continue to experience during my life.”