Amandine Tirole

Quality System Engineer

Q: Describe a typical day in your role?
A: “It always starts with a mug of tea! After that, I don’t necessarily have a typical day because I can work on different topics with different teams depending on the need. For example, I can work on Quality System and interact with IT, Supply Chain and HR in the same day.”

Q: Why did you choose to become a Quality System Engineer?
A: “I studied to become a biomedical engineer and in my engineering school there was a big focus on the Quality and Regulatory Affairs topics for medical devices. I worked for different companies in Quality and Regulatory Affairs as an engineer, before I slowly moved to focus only on the quality side as a quality assurance engineer.”

Q: Any advice you can give to other females interested in an engineering career?
A: “Don’t be afraid! Engineering is very large and there are a lot of domains where you can be yourself. For me, engineering is so cool!”

Q: Describe yourself in three words?
A: “Shy, curious and passionate”

Q: Have you ever met anyone famous?
A: “I haven’t had the chance to personally meet anyone famous yet. But I did attend a conference where Charlie Duke (from Apollo 12) and David Scott (from Apollo 15) were present and talked about their Apollo missions and the future of space exploration. That was a very pleasant evening.”

Q: At the weekend, I love to…?
A: “Read a book and watch lot of sports. And if the weather is good I love to go hiking or skiing.”