MindMaze Talent Acquisition Privacy Notice

Last revision of this policy: January 2023

This privacy policy explains how MindMaze processes your personal data (also referred to as personal information in some jurisdictions) during the recruitment/hiring process. 

We request that you read and acknowledge this Privacy Notice. 

This Notice applies to individuals who use any website of ours that hyperlinks to this Notice (in each case the “Website”) or otherwise applies for or enquires about a job or similar employment related opportunities at MindMaze. This policy does not cover personal data which you may provide to MindMaze when interacting with us otherwise than in relation to your job applications or related enquiries, for example when using one of our products or services. 

MindMaze is a global company that is made up of numerous legal entities. When you submit your application via the Website it becomes available to MindMaze group of companies. As set out below, your applicant data will then also be disclosed to the MindMaze entity to whom you have applied or enquired. 

MindMaze publishes its job offers on its website https://www.mindmaze.com/careers and uses Smart Recruiters as Applicant Tracking System. You can also find our job offers on other social network platforms such as LinkedIn Indeed, etc. The channel for submitting your applications remains our website https://www.mindmaze.com/careers and occasionally through a 3rd party provider (recruitment agencies).  Our open positions are created and managed on the https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com platform. 

You can have a look at the privacy policy of Smart Recruiters through the following link https://www.smartrecruiters.com/legal/general-privacy-policy/

1. What personal data will MindMaze process about you?

Personal data you provide which may include:

  • Personal contact information: your last name, first name, address, email address, phone number, age, 
  • Sensitive and/or demographic information: (e.g. gender, information about your citizenship and/or nationality, medical or health information, racial or ethnic origin, criminal records information)
  • Professional data related to your previous employment: All information contained in your resume, cover letter, certifications, diplomas, references, and other documents necessary for the recruitment process, or other information you may find useful to provide in support of your application.
  • Educational background data: All information related to your educational history such as schools attended, degrees obtained, qualifications and skills, certifications.
  • Personal characteristic data: All diversity data when permitted by law, such as nationality, gender, health status, marital status, type of work permit and migration status.
  • Recruitment process: Information from interviews you may have during the application or recruitment process (interview notes, interview assessments)
  • Data on your health: All information on any health problems or disabilities (if necessary for the performance of the job)

If you live in the USA, MindMaze may process sensitive personal  information so MindMaze can comply with Equal Employment Opportunity Requirements. 

Personal data processed during the recruitment process will vary by the country and nature of the role for which you will be considered, which may include:

  • Any cover letter or personal statement you provide
  • Any interviewer or recruiter notes collected following interactions with you
  • Background check data, including possibly a criminal record history depending on the jurisdiction
  • Your employment, training and/or compensation history from employment agencies, publicly available records or databases, former employees of the company or others.
  • Information about your performance or conduct from references, other MindMaze employees, clients or service providers, or former employers with whom you work and/or have worked in the past, who may provide feedback about you 
  • Information about you from MindMaze employees who interview you and who may provide feedback about you.
  • If during the recruitment process you complete a video assessment, we may store the video recordings of the assessment;
  • If during the recruitment process you complete a case study or a coding assessment, we will record and store any code created in response to the given exercises.
  • Any other information you give us.

Personal data processed if you receive and accept a MindMaze offer of employment, such as your email address, first name, middle name, last name, date of birth may be used from the date of acceptance.

2. For what purposes will MindMaze process your personal data?

We use your data collected from your applications for the following purposes:

  • To create and manage the recruitment system, job applications and a database of interested and contact persons.
  • To assess your skills, qualifications, and interests in relation to the position applied for and/or other positions within the MindMaze group.
  • To communicate with you in connection with your expressed interest in MindMaze, job opportunities/leads, application or recruitment process opportunities/leads, application, or recruitment process.
  • Verify your information, including through reference checks and, if applicable, background checks.
  • With your consent, send you information about positions within the MindMaze group that may be of interest to you.
  • To operate, evaluate and improve the recruiting system, our applicant tracking and recruiting activities (this includes analysing our applicant base, our hiring practices or trends, identifying qualifications or skill shortages and using the information to match applicants with potential opportunities).
  • Detect, prevent, and respond to fraud or potentially illegal activities (such as intellectual property infringement), misuse of the recruitment system or other applicable policies.
  • Conduct audits, evaluations, maintenance, and testing or troubleshooting activities related to the recruitment system and our recruitment processes.
  • Comply with legal obligations to which we are subject and cooperate with regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies. 
  • With your consent and if you have been referred for a job by a MindMaze employee, we may inform that employee about the outcome of the process
  • Respond to your questions and requests

Your personal data may only be used with your express consent, which must be collected in advance.

In so far as we process your personal data based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. However, the withdrawal of your consent does not compromise the lawfulness of the processing operation before your consent is withdrawn.

3. How Long will we retain your personal data?

MindMaze Group retains your personal data for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it has been collected, and in accordance with any specific retention periods required by law. Generally speaking, we keep your personal data for recruitment purposes for up to one year from the end of the talent acquisition process. After one year candidates will receive an email seeking their consent to retain their information. If you are recruited through the platform, your information will be retained for at least the duration of your employment.

4. Your rights

You may access, correct, amend and delete  your personal information you have submitted regarding your application online by logging into the Smart Recruiters Portal. You may also limit the processing of your personal information or exercise your rights by contacting us via [email protected]

Please be aware that depending on the circumstances, if you request us to delete or otherwise stop processing your personal information, we may not be able to proceed with your application, as it may depend on the analysis of such personal information.

5. General

If you have an unresolved privacy or data use concern that we have not addressed satisfactorily, please contact [email protected]

6. Declaration and confirmation

You declare and confirm that the information you have provided as part of your application is true and complete. You must promptly update any information you have provided as and when there are changes.

7. Change of this policy

We may change this policy from time to time. We will post any changes to this policy on this page and will update the Last Updated date accordingly.

Last updated: January 2023