Pioneering teleneurorehabilitation from the comfort of home

The MindMotion™ GO programme is helping neurological patients globally access therapy from the comfort and safety of their homes. The international programme is in leading sites across the US and Europe – including Mount Sinai Abilities Research Center, Johns Hopkins, the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital, and PhysioFunction.


Creating the universal platform for brain recovery and learning

Combining our pioneering digital therapeutics, with state-of-the-art motion analytics, cloud and AI technologies and innovative peripherals, we’re creating the universal solution for brain health. A scalable platform that’s adaptable to all clinical and patient needs, it will transform neurorehabilitation as we know it.

Our novel digital therapies are the future of brain repair

Our novel digital therapies are fully immersive worlds that offer patients scientifically rigorous and emotionally engaging experiences to enhance their neurorehabilitation.

Our products are having a profound impact on the lives of patients with neurological diseases and brain injuries


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major neurological conditions addressed

“By decoding the mysteries of the brain, we are not only transforming the lives of people with neurological conditions, but the world as we know it.”

Tej Tadi, Founder, MindMaze
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Advanced neuroscience applied to everyday life

From F1 teams to fashion houses and electronics firms, we are partnering with leading global brands to create innovative products that bring our neuroscience expertise to new audiences.