Dat Ngo

Computer Vision Engineer

Q: How is your role supporting the MindMaze mission to improve patient outcomes?
A: “MindMaze provides digital therapeutic rehabilitation solutions to patients with neurological diseases. Two important components within the solutions are movement capture and movement analysis. My role is to develop algorithms for these two components. Movement capture involves tracking the patient’s motion accurately so they can be placed within gamified activities. Movement analysis involves analysing the quantity and the quality of their motion. Movement analysis also helps to understand the patient’s level of impairment and their rehabilitation progress.”

Q: What’s the MindMaze project you’re most proud of?
A: “I have been working in a team tasked with further developing MindMaze’s solution to body performance capture within the MindMotion PRO neuro rehab platform. Together with my colleagues, we significantly improved the quality of the body tracking algorithm and this is now deployed in the product.”

Q: Describe MindMaze in three words?
A: Patient-oriented, innovative and collaborative.”

Q: Complete the sentence – at the weekend I love to…
A: “On the weekend, I love to spend time in nature with my young family. We like to walk by the lakes or go hiking in the Swiss mountains. We’re very lucky to live and work in a such a beautiful part of Europe.”

Q: Complete the sentence – if I won a million Euros I would…
A: “If I won a million Euros, honestly, I would probably continue living and working like I am now. I have heard people say if they won a million Euros, they would quit their job. For me, working is an important part of having a happy life. Of course, it’s handy if your job involves doing something you like and is meaningful to you.”

Q: What is your top holiday destination and why?
A: “Visiting my extended family is my favourite holiday destination because I started living abroad when I was 23 and that meant I didn’t see them very often. Apart from that, I would also like to
explore other parts of the world that are far removed from where I know. It would be incredible to see penguins in southern Argentina, explore the Amazon rain forests, see wildlife of Tanzania, or visit Mongolia.”